Mind Garden

A solo show

Opening on October 7, 2017.

Showing through October 31 at Open Gallery

in the Packing Plant, Nashville, TN.

There is something that only color can describe about a moment, about a feeling. There is also something that only lines, forms and colors can help me understand about the world. I’ve taken meditative walks in gardens that change me. I feel refreshed and somehow reborn through the natural beauty of flowers and plants - the smells, the vivid palette, the textures, forms. I have come to the conclusion that this collection has become for me a kind of garden of the mind.

All of the components of my paintings are there to help me connect to something real and guide me through a meditation. Out of an organic and honest process, organic, honest work emerges. 

I worked primarily with acrylic paint and charcoal on these pieces. I spent most of my time in middle and high school drawing with charcoal. I use it for its texture that breaks up the mostly smooth texture of the acrylic paint. I also use it for its loose nature. It’s a malleable medium that sometimes mixes with the paint nearest it (i.e. using white to fill in an area surrounded by charcoal turns the white to a soft gray). It is a great medium to explore the adaptability and constant expansion of the mind.